Velupr Partnership Program (VPP)




velupr’s success is directly tied to our relationships. Through our partner program, velupr Partnership Program (VPP), we support the evolving needs of our partners and thus, we share in both- collaboration and success with our partners.We believe in leveraging the value of business by bringing resources and plans together on a single platform.At Velupr, we offer you with partnership programs to connect with us and benefit from lucrative business models. Our idea behind partnership program is to collaborate with converging forces and create significant value out of it – for a collective growth.We value partnership. Not only we arrange for process up-gradations but also bring-in new ventures to suitably fit with the associate-program. We always aim towards a win-win situation and encourage value-driven practices by offering customized partnership programs to our partners – for SMEs to big businesses. We believe in leveraging the value of business by bringing resources and plans together on a single platform. We do this with our comprehensive partnership options.

Strategic Partnership


With our strategic partner program, you no longer need to worry about technical staff and its management, health, safety, pension, benefits and other responsibilities. You don’t have to hire technical manpower and train or update them on different technologies. You don’t have to think about changing technology, new equipment, software licenses and upgrades. All you need to do as our Strategic partner is to focus on getting more and more business.

In this program, we work in a joint venture, where you act as the front-end sales executive and marketing group while we act as the back-end technical development group. Profits are shared on a pre-agreed percentage basis.

Associate Partnership


In our associate partner program, we act as an extension to your existing development setup. You can either choose to outsource the entire project to us or work collectively with us on a project, and we will assist and support you with our state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly skilled design and development teams.

As our associate partner, all your projects will be taken on priority. We would work for you on an hourly basis at a competitive price, which is exclusively applicable only for our Associate partners.

Referral Partnership


Our referral partnership program is outstandingly rewarding and comes without any concerns of complex contracts or commitments. By becoming our referral partner, you can market our products, services and solutions to potential clients across the world. And for each of the closed deals from these referred projects, you receive commissions in the form of credit on all future projects that you bring to us. We would be responsible for finalizing the deal and working out the details from your referrals without any effort from your side. Rest assured, the clients you refer to us will be grateful to you.

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