IOT and Wearable app development

In these times Drastically changing era knocks every new a day a brand new beginning of a new page in the book of emerging technology. Internet of things and wearable are one of the example of it. At Velupr the excellency of knowledge of our team give us one step ahed from our competitors. wether it is ibeacon app development , beacon technology or wearable app development our focus is to provide a solution which ease your daily life and standard of living , and we make it sure it works flawlessly.

A Wearable device app to snap the success saga of your business


Our expertise in the wearable device apps development got accompanied with dedication, knowledge, and the zeal to explore the possible future made us deploy creative and innovative applications everytime.


We are living in an era where everything is connectable to the internet. Smart Devices are invading your home and offices. They can ‘talk’ to each other, take decision on their own and can be controlled with a smartphone app.