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Development company for eCommerce

As an e-commerce website development company, we can create scalable, robust, and user-friendly eCommerce solutions. We make it easy for your customers to buy from you by removing all the barriers of complex selling processes. Embrace the latest e-commerce technology and trends with our team of experienced e-commerce developers.

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    A Helpful Hand for Your Ecommerce Software

    An all-in-one solution for diversified ecommerce

    In this competitive world, every business must stay one step ahead of the competition. It requires mobile app and web development services that are customized, professional, and enterprise-grade. As an ecommerce development company, Velupr InfoSoft combines our expertise with advanced and latest technologies to meet the crucial needs of clients across industries.

    As a leading eCommerce development company, Velupr InfoSoft offers the best eCommerce development services that are tailored to meet their exceptional needs with needed technical consultation and development plans. It is our proven expertise in eCommerce website design and development that makes us the most-chosen eCommerce development company. In order to build successful Commerce development platforms, we have a team of experienced eCommerce developers. In order to achieve the desired results, we aim to develop top e-commerce websites

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    Our services:

    Grow your business with a website that grows

    If You have finally landed on the perfect page if you’re looking for e-commerce website development in Jaipur. At Velupr InfoSoft, we strive to provide our clients with the best services possible to increase their global sales.

    Consulting for eCommerce

    By providing advice on business, technological, and operational aspects, our ecommerce web developers increase operational efficiency and improve overall customer satisfaction.

    • An IT-centric approach to e-commerce
    • Support for planning and design
    • Advisory services for business processes

    Development of mCommerce apps

    We develop mobile apps that assist our clients in reaching out to their target audiences and allowing users to shop anytime, anywhere.

    • Service for migrating mCommerce
    • Development of B2B and B2C portals
    • Integration of social media

    Designing an eCommerce website

    We Develop website designs that includes both UX and UI aspects as well as the best methods of market research, competitor analysis, and UI kit branding.

    • Management of catalogs
    • Merchandising of products
    • Integration with third parties
    Web App Development

    Integrations with eCommerce

    You can connect separate systems and exchange data electronically with our API-based integration services provided by our experienced ecommerce developers.

    • Integrations with third parties
    • Integration of ERP systems
    • Affiliates & Shopping Networks

    Velupr Infosoft offers ecommerce development services such as:

    With our experience in e-commerce development, we have put together a complete package of solutions for businesses looking to go online. We provide an all-in-one solution for e-commerce business needs, which is exactly what we do.


    Design and development of eCommerce websites

    In addition to designing a fantastic user experience, we also develop a robust back-end system for your eCommerce store.

    Development and migration of eCommerce platforms

    We can help you migrate from your current eCommerce platform to a new one if you already have one. In addition to data migration, we will also take care of design and development.


    Commerce Application Design and Development

    We also offer custom app design and development services for businesses that want a mobile presence. Our team can develop native Android and iOS apps and cross-platform hybrid apps.


    Integrations with eCommerce

    We Your eCommerce store can be integrated with third-party applications like accounting software, CRM systems, and ERP systems. You will be able to automate your business processes and make them more efficient as a result.

    Consultancy for eCommerce

    Having trouble choosing the right platform or deciding what features to include? We can help you set up your store for success with our eCommerce consultancy services.


    Support and maintenance for eCommerce

    We For businesses with an eCommerce store, we also provide ongoing maintenance and support services. Whether you need website updates or security patches, our team can help.

    Solution for website development by Velupr Infosoft

    As a leading provider of mobility ideas and technologies, we build Websites in Texas, the US, and the UK for all major platforms.

    Markets for B2B and B2C

    These platforms can set up successful B2B and B2C commerce marketplaces customized according to the brand's needs. Develop fully-featured Commerce websites tailored to your tastes by hiring Commerce developers. With our fully responsive websites, you can show multiple product

    Development of an online store

    As a top ecommerce development company, we manage diverse online store projects of varying complexities, whether they are centered around the capital or consumer goods, media distribution, food delivery, public services, or businesses.

    A platform for auctions and bidding

    By utilizing online bidding and auction portals, we enable various e-commerce businesses to expand their trading experience. The portal owners can organize different types of auctions, bid items, and more with our professional solutions.

    Aggregators of eCommerce

    We have An ideal solution for attracting various vendors and bringing their offerings together under a similar category. To simplify the presentation of and handling of distinctive brands, our proficient teams implement e-commerce aggregators.


    Features of ecommerce website

    The features of an eCommerce website that can enhance your customer experience and increase conversions can be explored here.

    Streamlined Checkout

    With personalization elements to improve conversion rates, we will make your customers' experience easy and engaging, from finding a product to checking out.

    The management of orders

    You can simplify your order management with the solution's functionalities. All the features necessary to streamline workflow will be available on the platform, from order fulfillment to customizing details.

    Management of customers

    Your customer relationships will be easier to manage with the eCommerce platform. Your post-sales and pre-sales issues will be quickly resolved, and promotional offers will be tailored to your needs.

    Management of categories

    Organize categories in the backend and front end with the most intuitive interface. Administrators will be able to manage types effortlessly, and users will be able to navigate instinctively.

    Tracking of shipments

    As we embed APIs from 3PLs into the platform, customers will be able to track the status of their orders and receive live shipping updates.

    Management of invoices

    Invoices will automatically be generated by the web application whenever a customer checks out. All the elements, like discounts, taxes, credit, etc., will be included for ease of organization.

    Creating a secure environment

    With our latest technologies and stringent security measures like SSL certificates, 2FA, firewalls, and secure payment channels, we make your ecommerce platform reliable.

    The admin dashboard

    An admin dashboard powered by BI will be integrated into the eCommerce solution, giving it the ability to control the next-generation product through functionalities such as product inclusion, review and rating visibility, category tools, recommendation engines, etc.

    Personalized Recommendation

    With personalization tools and recommendation engines, you can make your eCommerce solution a product of the next generation.

    Why Choose

    Velupr InfoSoft as your eCommerce Development Partner?

    There is constant change and evolution in the eCommerce landscape. There is an increasing amount of competition among product-based businesses, as most have moved online. A flexible, scalable, and technologically advanced eCommerce solution is essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve.

    With over ten years of experience launching and growing online stores, Velupr InfoSoft is the leading eCommerce development company. Experienced eCommerce developers with a thorough understanding of the latest trends and technologies are part of our team. Creating an eCommerce solution tailored to your business needs is our specialty, and we can help you build a successful online store.

    • Exceptional track record of success
    • eCommerce developers with extensive experience
    • Creating custom eCommerce solutions
    • Solutions that are flexible and scalable
    • Know what’s new and what’s hot

    Get in touch with us to discuss your project

    You can trust our expertise and experience with small business stores or enterprise-level eCommerce solutions.


    How We Make Our Clients Happy

    We design for conversions, not just to grab the eyeballs

    Checkout page and other conversion-driven areas of the site are closely examined

    Taking care of details, such as the placement of the image and the alignment of the text.

    Solutions for shortening the sales cycle for your products and services with e-commerce

    We deliver ease, integration, and speed as our key values in e-commerce

    Our website structures are optimized for visibility and search engine ranking


    Our ecommerce Development Services For Different Industries

    We use the following eCommerce platforms

    Providing custom software solutions with a suitable and affordable technology stack, we have extensive knowledge of the major ecommerce platforms.

    Magento 2







    Big Cart

    Development of eCommerce platforms

    Your business needs a dedicated eCommerce platform

    B2B eCommerce

    We provide web and mobile development services for B2B eCommerce. Our B2B platforms optimize conversion rates by offering features such as admin dashboards, detailed product descriptions, user guides, custom catalog segmentation, and suggested inventory showcasing.

    C2C eCommerce

    To enable customers to trade with each other over a common platform, Velupr InfoSoft offers custom C2C Commerce development services. Users can sell and buy products of specific or varying niches with the help of our developers’ intuitive and highly engaging horizontal and vertical marketplaces.

    Website for auctions and bidding

    We Create bidding-based eCommerce web solutions that suit your business model and will help you reach out to your customers. In addition to penny auctions, ticker auctions, free bids, and reserve auctions, the solution allows you to customize the bidding system.

    A multi-vendor website

    Multi-vendor marketplaces are Velupr InfoSoft’s specialty. These marketplaces support a wide range of features, such as ads management, multi-vendor admin dashboards, bulk product uploads, inventory auto-sync, management of business badges, and multi-language and currency support.

    Website for ticketing and booking

    You can take your business online with our feature-rich booking and ticketing website development services. Online booking, route selection, booking status tracking, confirmation details, and payment will be available to your customers.


    Our Website Development Technologies

    Development of ASP.NET

    We Develop high-performing websites using the most advanced and secure frameworks.

    Development using Python

    Our team uses Python to create secure and scalable custom solutions.

    Development with ReactJS

    A responsive and fast user interface is created using ReactJS.

    Development with EmberJS

    In order to create scalable and maintainable web applications, we use EmberJS.

    Development with Backbone.JS

    Our web applications are structured and well-organized using BackboneJS.

    AngularJS Development

    In order to create dynamic, responsive user interfaces, we use AngularJS.

    Development with VueJS

    To make lightweight and fast user interfaces, we use VueJS.

    Developing with NodeJS

    In order to create scalable and real-time web applications, we use NodeJS.

    Development with Express JS

    In order to build high-performance web applications, we use Express JS.