ERP and CRM Services To Meet Your Business Needs

We create innovative ERP and CRM applications that allow businesses to automate customer-related processes and focus on their core competencies. In addition to Salesforce, Odoo, SugarCRM, and Bitrix, our developers are adept at working with popular ERP - CRM systems. In addition to managing sales, customer service, and inventory management, and collecting, managing, and interpreting data from various business activities, our ERP and CRM solutions automate a wide range of business processes.

  • Tracking sales
  • Data centralization
  • Communicating in real-time
  • Marketing insights automated
  • Service to customers
  • Analytical data

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    Your Need is Our Deed when it comes to ERP and CRM Service

    With Enterprise Resource Planning, you can manage the back office and business operations. Building a solid CRM foundation is not an easy task. The company needs to determine which CRM technology is appropriate for its business. They must adopt effective change management strategies to align their people and processes with customer-focused objectives. Having implemented CRM solutions for various companies, our CRM practices have accumulated significant experience.

    Business CRM solutions comprise many applications that help businesses optimize their resources. CRM solutions cover all aspects of growing a business. An organization can increase conversion rates with CRM software by taking advantage of its features. Take advantage of our easy lead base to grow your business. Your business ideas can take off with real-time information.

    By focusing on decision-making aspects of your business, CRM solutions are a great way to keep the small dots connected. To compete online, CRM is a robust solution. Even so, CRM makes it easy and effective to manage various features. Ensure that your customers feel valued by responding quickly and efficiently.


    Cloud Computing: An Intellectual Approach

    Enhancing customer relationships in an exciting way

    Any enterprise’s customer relationship and lead data are sensitive. By focusing more on service, you can ensure commendable profits.

    The tracking process

    It makes it easy to keep your appointments and eliminates the guesswork. Your prompt responses enhance customer satisfaction.

    Improved social media marketing

    Integration with social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others is an inherent feature of CRM.

    Managing sales representatives effectively.

    Your sales team’s CRM mechanism is a checkmark. It provides a comprehensive overview of your organization’s sales statistics.

    Individualized care for each client

    To meet the needs of individuals, CRM is a tried and tested platform.


    Our CRM Development Services

    In order to take your business to the next level, Velupr InfoSoft offers the following CRM development services:

    Consulting services for CRM

    We help our clients choose the best ERP and CRM system for their business through our renowned CRM consultants. By analyzing our clients' business requirements, our experts suggest collaborative, operational, and analytical CRM solutions.


    A customized CRM solution

    By leveraging their domain expertise and technology prowess, our ERP and CRM developers build customized solutions that meet your business needs. Our team accommodates your business's specific enhancements and features so that it is tailored to your business's needs.

    Software-as-a-service CRM solutions

    Using our CRM experts, you can transform your existing business in no time by implementing sales management and marketing automation applications.

    Service for CRM integration

    We integrate ERP and CRM solutions, including storefronts, accounting, and marketplaces, using top-notch native or third-party APIs. Additionally, we integrate legacy applications seamlessly.

    A wide range of CRM solutions are developed by Velupr InfoSoft across a variety of industries

    In addition to delivering customized CRM solutions to the following industry verticals, we have carved out a name as a leading CRM development service provider.

    The healthcare system

    Hospitals and medical practitioners require CRM solutions tailored to our specific needs.

    The logistics industry

    We Build real-time CRM software that improves the efficiency of logistics and fulfillment organizations.

    The retail industry

    Our CRM solutions have enhanced the efficiency of numerous retail operations, and we have delivered highly customized solutions to numerous clients.

    The hospitality industry

    OUR expertise lies in developing and delivering industry-specific CRM for Hospitality that allows them to offer highly personalized customer service.


    Why velupr?

    Our ERP and CRM development services are designed to meet your unique business needs. We are India’s authentic ERP and CRM development company. Using a cloud-based or in-house ERP and CRM system, we integrate all your internal & external processes to ensure smooth functioning. With CRMs and ERPs, the business would be able to work remotely, and it would be connected to all departments and functions in real-time.

    ERP and CRM

    We Provide ERP and CRM solutions for almost every industry and focus on various areas of the industry. Education, travel & tour, retail & FMCG, healthcare, and real estate are some industries we focus on for ERP and CRM development.

    Due to our authenticity, we will provide your business with the best possible solution. To develop ERP and CRM, our company utilizes various technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Python, PHP, Node JS, and React JS. You will be able to improve your marketing scores and get more business by working with the CRM development company.

    Get in touch with us to discuss your project

    For an excellent digital product, let us know your project idea and we will provide a free consultation.



     Our CMS development India services have successfully catered to the needs of a variety of industries. It doesn’t matter what industry you serve; we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs.


    Real Estate





    IT & Software

    Beauty Care & Wellness



    Our CRM Development Technologies

    Development of ASP.NET

    We Develop high-performing websites using the most advanced and secure frameworks.

    Development using Python

    Our team uses Python to create secure and scalable custom solutions.

    Development with ReactJS

    A responsive and fast user interface is created using ReactJS.

    Development with EmberJS

    In order to create scalable and maintainable web applications, we use EmberJS.

    Development with Backbone.JS

    Our web applications are structured and well-organized using BackboneJS.

    AngularJS Development

    In order to create dynamic, responsive user interfaces, we use AngularJS.

    Development with VueJS

    To make lightweight and fast user interfaces, we use VueJS.

    Developing with NodeJS

    In order to create scalable and real-time web applications, we use NodeJS.

    Development with Express JS

    In order to build high-performance web applications, we use Express JS.