iOS 12: everything you should know about new iPhone features

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  • July 01st, 2018
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Apple has unveiled its new OS for its smartphones and tablets. What does it mean for notifications, privacy and emoji?


The look of iOS 12 will be very familiar, with the company focusing on improving the experience and the underlying software rather than simply splashing on a new coat of paint.


List of iOS 12 features


This year the company paid a close attention to enhancing its already existing products and fixing bugs, so now we get the improved UX. Here we have several innovations.


Improved performance

Apple promised that iPhone users will see sizeable speed improvements across the board, including for smartphones as old as 2013’s iPhone 5S. With the arrival of new operating system Apple gadgets, even the old ones, are expected to be more responsive. Using iPhone 6 Plus to demonstrate improvements, Fedherigi stated the following:


  • camera opens 70% faster;
  • keyboard responds 50% faster;
  • apps launch 40% faster.

Unlikely previous updates, iOS 12 looks like it will speed up your iPhone rather than slowing it down.




Notifications can finally be grouped so you don’t have to swipe away 10 from the same app.
Notifications on iOS have lagged behind competitors for a while, but now Apple is beginning to tackle the overloaded lock screen. Notifications can now be grouped together rather than users having to deal with 10 separate notifications for each app. While others can be forced to delivered without making a sound or vibration showing up in the notification centre but not the lock screen – useful for lower priority apps and services.


iPhone gestures for iPad

 Several gestures from iPhone X were added to iPad. So now iPad owners can swipe up on the Dock if they want to get to the Home Screen. To get to the Control Centre, iPad owners now can swipe from the top-right corner.


Automatic Updates

In case you don’t want to update your iPhone every time the new Apple operating system is released, you can toggle an option for automatic updates.


More animated emoji

iOS 12 is adding new Animoji to the roster available on the iPhone X, including a ghost, koala, tiger and T-rex. Users can now also generate custom emoji, similar to Samsung’s AR emoji, called Memoji, which they can make look like themselves.

All the animoji can now also recognise when your tongue is sticking out. Great.



Apple is playing a bit of catch up with Google’s Photos app, with its own built-in Photos app on iOS 12. In the new “For You” tab, Photos will now suggest sharing photos with the people caught in them so that group photos from events are easy to collate between iPhone users.

Apple said it has also improved search within photos with suggestions to help users find snaps from recent events, people and places.


Privacy and security

  • Safari will now stop Facebook’s Like and Share buttons, other social widgets and advertisers from tracking you without permission.
  • USB Restricted Mode blocks access for USB if your iPhone was locked for an hour.
  • New iOS software saves all passwords to iCloud Keychain. Users can manage them but only after the authentication via Touch ID or Face


Siri Shortcuts

One of the new features is custom commands called Siri Shortcuts, that allow users to utter a certain phrase and perform a certain function such as launching an app or function.


Google Maps on Apple Car Play

Apple’s in-car connectivity system, Car Play, has until now been limited to Apple Maps for navigation duties. As of iOS 12, Apple is opening up the door to third-party navigation apps, which will be a very welcome change for Google Maps users.


Since it is only a beta version of iOS 12, we can expect Apple to have more great iOS update features up in its sleeves. Anyway, if you want to integrate already introduced innovations into your app, contact us and our developers will help you with it. You also can subscribe to our newsletter in order not to miss the latest news from the IT industry.



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