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  • Features for intelligent menu searching

    Build a Job Marketplace App Platform

    Job Marketplace App Platform where Customers will be able to search jobs over the platform.
    Both of users will be able to share screens over the platform. There will be two types of user actors: job seeker and company:

    User Registration and Authentication:

    Allow users to create accounts and authenticate through email verification or social media login using OAuth.


    Job Search and Filtering:

    Enable users to search for jobs based on various criteria such as keywords, location, industry, salary, experience level, and job type.
    Implement advanced search options like Boolean search, proximity search, and sorting options.


    Job Posting and Employer Tools:

    Provide employers with an intuitive interface to post job listings, including job title, description, requirements, and application instructions.
    Offer options for sponsored listings, featured jobs, and premium placements.


    Resume/CV Database and Candidate Management:

    Create a secure and scalable database to store candidate profiles, including resumes/CVs and additional details like skills, education, and work experience.
    Implement search functionality for employers to find suitable candidates based on specific criteria.


    Company Reviews and Ratings:

    Allow users to review and rate companies based on their work environment, culture, and overall experience.
    Display aggregated ratings and reviews to help job seekers make informed decisions.


    Application Tracking System (ATS) Integration:

    Integrate with popular ATS platforms to streamline the application process for both job seekers and employers.
    Enable employers to manage candidate pipelines, track application statuses, and communicate with applicants.


    Salary Insights and Analytics:

    Provide salary insights and benchmarking data to help job seekers evaluate compensation packages.
    Offer data analytics and visualizations to employers, allowing them to analyze job market trends, applicant demographics, and recruitment effectiveness.


    Mobile Applications:

    Develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, offering a seamless user experience on mobile devices.
    Implement push notifications for job recommendations, application updates, and new job listings.


    AI and Machine Learning:

    Utilize AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance job matching, recommendation systems, and resume screening processes.
    Provide personalized job recommendations based on user preferences, search history, and skills.


    Chatbot and Virtual Assistant:

    Incorporate a chatbot or virtual assistant to assist users in their job search, answer frequently asked questions, and provide real-time support.
    Enable natural language interactions, job application assistance, and interview preparation tips.


    Video Interviews and Assessments:

    Integrate video interviewing and assessment tools to facilitate remote hiring processes.
    Allow employers to conduct live video interviews or review pre-recorded video responses from candidates.


    Blockchain-Based Resume Verification:

    Implement blockchain technology to offer resume and credential verification, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of candidate profiles.
    Enable employers to verify educational degrees, certifications, and professional memberships.


    Job Market Insights and Predictive Analytics:

    Provide real-time job market insights, including demand for specific skills, emerging job trends, and salary projections.
    Utilize predictive analytics to forecast future job opportunities and talent shortages.


    Social Media Integration:

    Allow users to import their professional profiles from social media platforms like LinkedIn.
    Enable job sharing and social referrals to leverage social networks for candidate sourcing.


    GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance:

    Implement robust data protection measures to comply with GDPR or relevant data privacy regulations.
    Ensure secure storage, handling, and processing of user data.


    Integration with Job Boards and Aggregators:

    Syndicate job listings to external job boards and aggregators to increase the visibility of posted jobs.
    Enable job seekers to apply directly through the platform, with applications seamlessly synchronized with external job sites.


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