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The best mobile app development company

We offer top-of-the-line solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT), Augmented Reality, IBEACON, wearable technology, gaming, and beyond.

  • We have delivered over 500 mobile apps
  • A total of 2,500 happy clients
  • There are 64% of repeat customers
  • Design with pixel perfection
  • Strength of an excellent and experienced team
  • A seamless and interactive user experience

Experience Mobile App Development Company Based in India

We are a certified React Native and Flutter app developer in Jaipur, India. Our services include Mobile games, eCommerce development, enterprise software development, and all emerging technologies such as blockchain, AR/VR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Through our creative enterprise-driving approach, we save time and assets by focusing on your product, not technical documentation.

It is more likely that our developers will get it right the first time since they have system architect-level experience. Their understanding of your goals, coupled with their ability to find gaps and omissions in your requirements, allows them to provide the best solution.

The company has worked on challenging technologies like React Native, Angular Js, Ionic, PhoneGap, Opencart, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce Development, and more.

Designing and developing compelling mobile applications for iPhones and Androids

As a leading mobile app development company in India, we deliver a complete solution from conception to release. Businesses, industries, and consumers can all benefit from our mobility solutions.

SERVICES we offer

Android App Development: Expand Your Reach

Hire a service provider that develops Android applications for your business to reap several benefits. Let’s take the first step toward unprecedented growth together.


A powerful SDK makes it easy for developers to create apps and minimizes development and licensing costs.

The open source movement

Considering Android is open source, the latest technology framework and licensing will be available directly to Android app developers.

Approvals are easy

An Android application does not have to go through a rigorous vetting process before entering the market. As a result, it takes relatively little time for a concept to become a product.

Distributed multi-network systems

A number of third-party app marketplaces distribute Android apps as well. Increasing your market penetration and reaching out to a wider audience is possible through this strategy.

A security system

Google MarketPlace mobile apps are developed on Linux, ensuring security and reliable operation.

A customizable UI

In order to enable developers and companies to create more engaging apps, Google emphasizes making its user interface configurable.


Develop Android Applications That Grow Your Business

Make sure the company you work with listens to your requirements when developing mobile apps. Take your business to the next level with the help of our highly customizable Android apps.

Development of customized Android applications

Let us develop the Android app of your dreams for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, and TVs.

Solutions for scaling enterprise apps

For your growing enterprise, leverage our full stack Android developers’ strategic planning and latest technology-driven solutions.

Migrating and updating platforms seamlessly

Our Android app development services will help you take your brand to the platform of your choice hassle-free.

Consulting for Android devices

Consult our team of best Mobile Application Developers across all industries to maximize customer satisfaction

Maintenance and support for robust applications

Our Maintenance Services optimize the performance of your Android App, and our strong support will be there to support you every step of the way.

Quality Assurance And Testing That Is Reliable

Our skilled Android App Developers will create a secure and reliable app for you that will be tested and QA’d rigorously.

Velupr Infosoft Mobile App Development Solution

By utilizing the latest mobility ideas, and technologies, we help in building robust mobile applications for all major platforms in Texas, the USA, and the UK.

Developing iOS apps

We Helping you create an iOS app experience that transforms your vision into reality. We can help you develop a seamless iOS ecosystem for a variety of use cases with our wide range of expertise in iOS technologies. If you are looking for an iOS app development company in the USA or UK that has 12+ years’ experience, a team of 50+ iOS developers and a portfolio of 450+ fully functional iOS apps, you’ve come to the right place.

App Development for Android

With our Android app development services, you can deliver a futuristic customer experience and gain an advantage over your competitors. Using the latest technology and our decades of experience, we can assure you the highest level of app performance, scalability, and security. Each week, we add a new Android app development project to our portfolio with a variety of business domains and categories.

Development of React Native mobile applications

Our React Native Mobile Apps are customized, easy-to-use, and adaptable with a human-centered design process and Facebook’s React Native technology. Through this technology, our app developers create high-quality cross-platform mobile apps that deliver an engaging user experience and stunning results.

Designing and developing Flutter applications

A single codebase can now be used to develop cross-platform apps with Flutter Mobile App Development. By taking advantage of Flutter’s full potential, we can create high-quality, feature-rich mobile apps that perform smoothly and feel native. We use rich animation and graphics libraries to create intuitive and expressive user interfaces for Flutter mobile apps.

Development of Xamarin applications

With our Xamarin app development services, you can be assured that they are bug-free and feature-rich. With Visual Studio and Xamarin, our app developers use the power of Microsoft. Your customers will enjoy a delightful user experience when they use forms to create native user interfaces. With sophisticated operational efficiency, we can turn your app idea into reality with a team of experience mobile app developers.


Our Android App Integrations Help You Keep Your Promises

Integration of beacons

Integration of GPS

Migration and porting

XMPP chat servers

Payment Getway

Integration of wearables

third-party apps

Live streaming

custom APIs

Integration with BLE

Why You Should Hire

Velupr Infosoft From An Android App Development Company In India

Regarding knowledge and skills, app developers have earned widespread recognition for their work on the Android OS. Android app developers in India may charge less than app developers in other countries, which is one reason you might consider hiring them. However, app developers can deliver results on par with the best in the world. Low prices combined with quality work are for hiring Indian Android specialists.

If Then, Velupr InfoSoft, one of the best Android app development companies, might be the right choice for you if you are comfortable outsourcing your Android app project overseas. Even though we are based in India, we will keep you posted about the progress of your project so that it appears as though it is being done right next door. To prove our technical skills and low prices, we will be glad to show you our working portfolio of done work.


Benefits Of Mobile App Development

The health and fitness industry

The use of smartphones for purchasing products is 52%.

The travel and hospitality industry

It is estimated that 46% of tours are booked through mobile devices.

The real estate market

A real estate app is used for 44% of property searches online.

A real-time communication system

On their mobile phones, 75% of people use audio-video chatting.

The education system

Smartphones are used by 51% of high school students to educate themselves, compared to 28% in 2012.

The social networking industry

Nearly 78 percent of the population has a social networking profile, with 60 percent having at least one social media account.

Merchandise and food

The number of people who use their smartphones or tablets to buy food has increased to 69%.


Sixty-four percent of organizations plan to eventually implement IoT, while fifty percent are already doing so.


Our industries of service

By leveraging mobility across verticals, we empower businesses. Improve performance, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation.

Retail & Ecommerce


Development of e-commerce

The healthcare industry

Health and fitness

The On-Demand Solution

Distribution & Logistics

Insurers, banks, and finance

E-learning & Education

Automobiles & Transportation

The social networking industry

Restaurants & Food

Property and Real Estate

Hospitality & Travel

Ticket & Event Information