On-Demand Multivendor Rental Marketplace App

Embrace the fast-paced world of multi-vendor rental marketplace with customizable multi-vendor rental marketplace app solutions from Velupr InfoSoft. We create innovative features to make your business more customer-centric.

Having delivered on-demand excellence for years, Velupr InfoSoft has an expert team of professionals. We offer tailored multi-vendor rental marketplace app solutions in the country as a top multi-vendor rental marketplace app development company.

  • Rich user experience with modern UI/UX
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Tracking delivery innovations
  • Features for intelligent menu searching

    Build a Multivendor Rental Marketplace like airbnb

    Multi-vendor Rental Marketplace where end users will be able to book space for rental and space owner can list their space to get earn some money.
    Here I am sharing basic understanding of Multi-vendor Rental Marketplace on the basis of our previous experience, please take a look.


    User will sign up using email and social accounts. User will search the rental space based on the location, time and number of person. The User will get listing and where they will be able to filter the search based on the location, availability, space, services and more. The user will book rental space by connecting with the rental space provider/renter and paying them online using CC/DC, PayPal or any other payment method. The customer will rate and review the rental space provider.

    multi-vendor rental marketplace
    multi-vendor rental marketplace

    Rental Space Provider/Renter:

    The Rental space provider will list their services on a platform using their email and their personal details, property details and their location. Rental space will be verified by admin before getting public on application. The rental service provider will receive booking request and they will accept and reject request based on the availability. The rental space provider will set their availability on calendar.

    The system will have three panels:

    • Customer Panel
    • Vendor Panel
    • Admin Panel
    Customer Panel Vendor Panel Admin Panel
    Sign-up/Sign-in Registration/Login Login with login ID & Password
    Find Stores Activate Subscription Plan Dashboard
    Advanced Search Manage profile/Set up stores Manage Users (Customer/Merchant)
    View Offers Manage catalog/orders Manage Ad Campaign
    Product List Import product Manage Product Category, Sub-category
    Shipment Tracking Automatic adjustment of Inventory on sale Manage Promotions/Rewards/Points
    Product Details Payment accounting Manage Payment
    Add to Cart User Review Manage referral/invites
    Add product to wishlist Reporting Tools
    Multiple Payment Option Notifications & Alerts
    Return/Exchange product
    Rate Product
    Discount Codes
    Manage Profile
    Live Chat
    Why Choose

    Velupr InfoSoft as your multi-vendor rental marketplace Development Partner?

    There is constant change and evolution in the multi-vendor rental marketplace . There is an increasing amount of competition among product-based businesses, as most have moved online. A flexible, scalable, and technologically advanced multi-vendor rental marketplace solution is essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve.

    With over ten years of experience launching and growing online stores, Velupr InfoSoft is the leading multi-vendor rental marketplace development company. Experienced multi-vendor rental marketplace developers with a thorough understanding of the latest trends and technologies are part of our team. Creating an multi-vendor rental marketplace solution tailored to your business needs is our specialty, and we can help you build a successful online store.

    • Exceptional track record of success
    • multi-vendor rental marketplace developers with extensive experience
    • Creating custom multi-vendor rental marketplace solutions
    • Solutions that are flexible and scalable
    • Know what’s new and what’s hot

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    How We Make Our Clients Happy

    We design for conversions, not just to grab the eyeballs

    Checkout page and other conversion-driven areas of the site are closely examined

    Taking care of details, such as the placement of the image and the alignment of the text.

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    Our multi-vendor rental marketplace Development Services For Different Industries

    We use the following platforms

    Providing custom software solutions with a suitable and affordable technology stack, we have extensive knowledge of the major ecommerce platforms.

    Magento 2







    Big Cart

    Development of eCommerce platforms

    Your business needs a dedicated eCommerce platform

    B2B eCommerce

    We provide web and mobile development services for B2B eCommerce. Our B2B platforms optimize conversion rates by offering features such as admin dashboards, detailed product descriptions, user guides, custom catalog segmentation, and suggested inventory showcasing.

    C2C eCommerce

    To enable customers to trade with each other over a common platform, Velupr InfoSoft offers custom C2C Commerce development services. Users can sell and buy products of specific or varying niches with the help of our developers’ intuitive and highly engaging horizontal and vertical marketplaces.

    Website for auctions and bidding

    We Create bidding-based eCommerce web solutions that suit your business model and will help you reach out to your customers. In addition to penny auctions, ticker auctions, free bids, and reserve auctions, the solution allows you to customize the bidding system.

    A multi-vendor website

    Multi-vendor Rental marketplace are Velupr InfoSoft’s specialty. These marketplaces support a wide range of features, such as ads management, multi-vendor admin dashboards, bulk product uploads, inventory auto-sync, management of business badges, and multi-language and currency support.

    Website for ticketing and booking

    You can take your business online with our feature-rich booking and ticketing website development services. Online booking, route selection, booking status tracking, confirmation details, and payment will be available to your customers.


    Our Technologies

    Development of ASP.NET

    We Develop high-performing Multivendor Marketplace App using the most advanced and secure frameworks.

    Development using Python

    Our team uses Python to create secure and scalable custom solutions.

    Development with ReactJS

    A responsive and fast user interface is created using ReactJS.

    Development with EmberJS

    To create a scalable and maintainable On-Demand Multivendor Marketplace App, we use EmberJS.

    Development with Backbone.JS

    Our On-Demand Multivendor Marketplace App is structured and well-organized using BackboneJS.

    AngularJS Development

    To create dynamic, responsive user interfaces, we use AngularJS.

    Development with VueJS

    To make lightweight and fast user interfaces, we use VueJS.

    Developing with NodeJS

    To create a scalable and real-time On-Demand Multivendor Marketplace App, we use NodeJS.

    Development with Express JS

    To build a high-performance, On-Demand Multivendor Marketplace App, we use Express JS.