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    Build a On-Demand Doctor App Platform

    Doctor App Platform where Patient will be able to book Doctor’s Appointment over the platform. Both of users will be able to share screens over the platform.
    As per my past encounters, the system will allow two types of user interface (Patient and Doctor) along with Admin interface:-

    Patient App

    The patient will be able to easily sign-up and add/manage their profile and history. The application will also allow end users to sing in through integrated social media platform i.e. FB and G+. End-user can select their preferred category and can view various listed doctor’s profile. The end user can also set filters to refine search solution. The end user will select the best appropriate doctor and check the availability and able to book them. If the doctor is not available now then patient can book an appointment. The end user will be able to take online consultation through integrated chat, audio and video calling functionality by paying online payment through integrated payment method. At the end, the end user can leave their rating and reviews on expertís profile based on their experience with Experts.

    On-Demand Doctor App
    On-Demand Doctor App

    Doctor App

    On the other side, this application will facilitate the Doctor to create their profiles by selecting their category and add their services, experience, manage appointments etc. Doctors will also need to upload their document to verify their profile from admin. After the verification process, the Doctors will manage their availability and their online and offline status. Experts can accept and reject the end userís request based on their availability. Doctors will be able to chat with end-user along with audio and video call for discussion. At the end, Doctors can leave rating and reviews based on their experience with the end user.

    Admin Panel

    Apart from that, the admin will manage entire platform via their web-based admin panel. Here the admin can add and delete any user and will manage all things of application.

    On-Demand Doctor App

    What should be the important features of a Doctor on-demand App?

    A doctor appointment mobile app development can’t be completed without adding the essential features we have explained below:

    Features of Patient Panel :-

    Social Sign Up/Login

    Create a User Profile

    Upload Documents

    Dynamic Search Radius

    Doctor identification

    Advanced Search Filters

    Tracking Doctor’s Location

    Loyalty Programs

    In-APP, Chat, Calling, Video

    Electronic Medical Record

    Setup Profile

    Post Appointment Requests

    Book Appointment OR Home Visit

    Prescription and medication tracker

    Email, SMS & push notification Alerts

    Multiple Payment Modes

    Provide Review & Rating

    Features of Doctor Panel:-

    Live Video Call

    Scheduling Appointments

    Managing Bookings


    White Boards

    EMR Integration

    Multi Way Video Solution

    Medical Webinars



    Features of Admin Panel:-

    Patient Management

    Doctor Management

    Report Management

    Appointment Statistics

    Site Statistics

    Database Management

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