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Embrace the fast-paced world of food delivery with customizable On-Demand Food Delivery App Development solutions from Velupr InfoSoft. We create innovative features to make your business more customer-centric.

Having delivered on-demand excellence for years, Velupr InfoSoft has an expert team of professionals. We offer tailored On-Demand Food Delivery App solutions in the country as a top On-Demand Food Delivery App development company.

  • Rich user experience with modern UI/UX
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Tracking delivery innovations
  • Features for intelligent menu searching

    Build an UberEats, Swiggy, and Zomato-like food delivery app

    Are you interested in building an on-demand food delivery app? As a leading On-Demand Food Delivery App development company, we can assist you with developing a full-featured food ordering and delivery app. Benefit from the popularity and power of famous food delivery giants such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats. Atop the services and technologies that Zomato, Swiggy, or UberEats offer, design and develop your on-demand food delivery app.

    Our on-demand food ordering and delivery solutions can help your food business build a unique brand identity. Your innovative features and services will delight and attract food lovers. Make your online presence remarkable by connecting with the best On-Demand Food Delivery App development company in India.


    Velupr Infosoft offers:

    A food aggregator application

    Mobile apps can be built for Android and iOS by our food delivery app developers. Connecting customers with other related services, such as food providers, can help you attract more customers. We offer a variety of services, such as cab services, free meals, discounts at different places, table reservations, etc.

    App for on-demand food delivery

    With a focus on fresh food, your business connects customers with popular hotspots for foodies. Getting customers might require more than just efficient services. We can help you expand your interaction with our innovative ideas and digital solutions as a food app development company.

    An integrated restaurant management system

    Using our software, we can simply order management, delivery, and sales processes for your restaurant. To monitor your restaurant chain spread across different cities, we can provide you with restaurant POS software or ERP systems. The use of mobile apps makes work easier and more efficient.

    The Grocery Order System

    Your supermarket cannot remain offline for long, whether you are a grocery chain or a grocery megastore. Fast and responsive services entice customers to buy groceries online nowadays. You can track your stock and customer demands with help from a food ordering app development company such as ours.


    Development of highly customized food delivery apps

    We Create an intuitive, interactive, and easy-to-use experience for your food delivery apps. Customer journeys and operation capabilities are enhanced through our food delivery app development services. We offer custom solutions that allow you to adapt quickly to changing customer demands for higher ROI.

    App for food delivery

    Your restaurant can get a great Food Delivery App from which customers can browse, order, and review your dishes.

    App for booking tables

    We also create an application that allows your customers to make reservations at your restaurant and enjoy their favorite meals at a time that is convenient for them.

    An app for the management of orders

    Chefs and employees can easily manage orders at your restaurant with an order management application developed by our Expert App Developers.

    Solution for billing

    The manual entry of bills is way too outdated. Provide accurate billing solutions for your restaurant by developing software that generates bills automatically.

    Serve A Variety Of Food Delivery Models

    Velupr InfoSoft has extensive experience in developing online Food Delivery Apps for various industries. Our team provides the best-in-class food delivery startups, individual restaurants, and restaurant aggregators with customized restaurant apps.

    Aggregators of food

    Are you interested in owning a food delivery marketplace? Create a food delivery app similar to Uber Eats.

    Chain restaurants

    Are you tired of manually managing multiple restaurants? Deliver food on-demand to automate tasks.

    A single restaurant

    Do you own a single restaurant? With our exclusive food delivery app, you'll outshine the competition!

    The cloud kitchen

    Do you own a virtual kitchen? With a food delivery solution on-demand, you can optimize food deliveries.


    Velupr InfoSoft: Why Choose Us For Food App Development?

    Whether it’s Hotel app development, retail app development, or food app development, on-demand apps have proven to be effective in all industries. A majority of smartphone users use their mobile devices to find restaurants and food destinations in their local area. Many people prefer dining at home over dining in a restaurant. The food tech industry has taken the lead when it comes to app development. With Velupr InfoSoft, you can become better than your competitors when it comes to food delivery apps. We offer B2C portals and food apps that are easy to use and navigate.

    Management of supply chains

    As a restaurant app development company, we can help you supervise all your company's business and supply chain processes. Worker and delivery boy monitoring is possible. Using our apps, you can track all that, including purchasing raw materials and processing ingredients.

    Services at an affordable price

    We understand the unique requirements of your market position and the limitations imposed by your budget. We offer affordable food delivery app development services. Develop mobile restaurant apps, and you can pay as the work is completed. Our services are guaranteed to be of high quality at a lower price.

    A constant source of support

    Our developers are always available to assist you with all your development queries. No matter if it's a minor issue or an upgrade to a newer version of your food web or mobile application. After the project is completed, our support staff is happy to assist you. We provide post-maintenance services you can rely on.

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    Whatever your industry is, we can support your endeavor with esteem-defining solutions and creative thinking.

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    Our On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Technologies

    Development of ASP.NET

    We Develop high-performing On-Demand Food Delivery App using the most advanced and secure frameworks.

    Development using Python

    Our team uses Python to create secure and scalable custom solutions.

    Development with ReactJS

    A responsive and fast user interface is created using ReactJS.

    Development with EmberJS

    To create a scalable and maintainable On-Demand Food Delivery App, we use EmberJS.

    Development with Backbone.JS

    Our On-Demand Food Delivery App is structured and well-organized using BackboneJS.

    AngularJS Development

    To create dynamic, responsive user interfaces, we use AngularJS.

    Development with VueJS

    To make lightweight and fast user interfaces, we use VueJS.

    Developing with NodeJS

    To create a scalable and real-time On-Demand Food Delivery App, we use NodeJS.

    Development with Express JS

    To build a high-performance, On-Demand Food Delivery App, we use Express JS.