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The Salesforce CRM platform is the world's leading CRM platform for streamlining sales and marketing operations. Customizable and configurable enterprise-level business applications can be developed and deployed using Salesforce development.

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With Our Experienced Salesforce Professionals, you can grow, customize, and harness the true power of the world’s most popular CRM platform

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    We develop Salesforce solutions based on your needs

    Cloud-based business solutions

    At Our company, Velupr InfoSoft, has worked with a variety of innovative CRM tools, and with our deeper approach, we have been able to help hundreds of clients with custom Salesforce-based CRM solutions and by upgrading and reinforcing Salesforce applications efficiently to automate their businesses. Small start-ups through large enterprises have relied on us for Salesforce development solutions to overcome their marketing, sales, e-commerce, and customer service challenges.

    We Identify your business needs and vision. Additionally, we have a deep understanding of the technology. As a result, we provide Salesforce solutions that are innovative and world-class, taking your business to new heights while eliminating simple and complex challenges. That’s not all; our unparalleled Salesforce customer service simply enhances your experience.


    Salesforce Development Velupr Infosoft offers:

    Development of custom cloud apps

    Using decades of experience building custom apps for businesses across verticals, we can easily integrate custom apps with Salesforce to streamline processes and workflows, or can use them independently for specific Salesforce needs. Among the leading Salesforce development companies, we provide cloud, on-premises, and hybrid Salesforce development services.

    Salesforce Development
    Salesforce Development

    Implementation of a mobile-first solution

    We develop Salesforce mobile APIs for iOS, Android, and cross-platform platforms, taking into account the varied preferences of users for accessing business applications. Our expertise lies in building robust and reliable native, hybrid, and SF1 mobile applications. We develop highly secure and scalable Salesforce-powered apps that allow businesses to access crucial information, collaborate with their teams, and engage their audiences more effectively.

    Development of AppExchange products

    A Salesforce development company based in India and the USA, we serve enterprises with cloud-based Salesforce applications. We offer a variety of market-ready Salesforce apps on the AppExchange that address specific customer management, engagement, and acquisition aspects of the business. Our expertise in Salesforce app development has helped several renowned companies achieve optimal business productivity.

    Salesforce Development
    Salesforce Development

    Customization of Salesforce

    To render extra value to Salesforce customization projects, we align our developers. Besides extending the CRM functionality, we provide Salesforce configuration and customization solutions tailored to different business needs. We also develop customized dashboards and reports in addition to altering the underlying code and/or adding custom fields.


    Grow your business with a website that grows

    We Transform the way you interact with your customers. Using Salesforce Development technologies such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Wave Analytics, we will help you realize the full potential of your business.

    Consultation on Salesforce development

    Our Salesforce CRM development team analyzes your business inside out and then prepares a solution that meets all your CRM requirements. Our team will help you determine the best customization for your business.

    Development of

    The cloud computing platform is an essential segment of App Cloud. Our team helps businesses build and implement robust Forces. Solutions based on the Com platform.

    Integration and migration of

    A AwsQuality, an organization that develops custom Salesforce integration solutions, enables customers to combine different services with applications. Additionally, we assist businesses in migrating to Force.Com automated solutions from legacy enterprise databases.

    Architecture & Design of Salesforce

    Make your business cost-effective and achieve higher returns with our Salesforce platform developer.

    Product Solutions for Salesforce

    The Salesforce applications we offer at Velupr InfoSoft are highly scalable, feature-rich, and enhance your business workflow with greater sales and conversions.


    With the help of Salesforce's cloud-based Integrated Development Environment, allows our developers to develop and deploy cloud-based custom social and mobile applications and websites.

    The Salesforce platform

    Our Salesforce1-based mobile applications allow you to access your business from anywhere while reducing the need for hardware and increasing productivity through consistent and flawless functionality.

    The App Exchange

    Your business can take advantage of AppExchange, a remarkable enterprise cloud marketplace. With tons of solutions that can be accessed in a few clicks, we help you leverage the potential of AppExchange and develop the most customized and feature-packed apps for your business.

    A lightning-fast CRM system

    With Lightning, you can easily create and customize apps with powerful features using a simple drag-and-drop method, with an optimized GUI for remarkable speed.

    The Velupr InfoSoft:

    Why Choose It As Your Offshore Salesforce Development Company?

    Customer data is centrally managed with Salesforce’s cloud-based customer relationship management platform. Making quick decisions and bringing your customers closer to you are two of the benefits of working with top Salesforce development companies in India.