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  • Frag Die Apotheke
  • Frag Die Apotheke
  • Medical, Fitness
  • August 12, 2022

Frag Die Apotheke

For decades, pharmacies have been the first point of contact for all health-related questions and therapy recommendations. Today, however, going to the pharmacy does not always fit into our stressful everyday life. Google provides us with product recommendations and supposedly suitable products can be conveniently ordered. Your pharmacies want to face these challenges because we believe that your health deserves more.
With FRAG DIE APOTHEKE you will now conveniently receive your individual expert answer from the pharmacy! No matter where you are traveling!
Our network of experts brings pharmacy knowledge directly to your smartphone. We always find the right contact person for your individual questions. Quickly. Competently. Personally.
ASK THE PHARMACY is a service from the local pharmacies! By using FRAG DIE APOTHEKE you support the pharmacies and contribute to maintaining the local supply structures.

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