Velupr is a leading and fast-growing mobile application development and web solution company developing smart and fast apps FOR EVERY USER, EVERY PLATFORM AND EVERY INDUSTRY.

IoT & Cognitive Technologies

At Velupr the excellency of knowledge of our team give us one step ahed from our competitors. wether it is ibeacon app development , beacon technology  or wearable app development we develop solution which will ease your life

Innovative & user-friendly 
WEB & MOBILE app development 

Velupr is a leading and fast-growing mobile app development and web solution company developing innovative and user friendly apps FOR EVERY USER, EVERY PLATFORM AND EVERY INDUSTRY.

Maximizing Success

Most people play to win but we play to win huge. Velupr team helps you maximizing your business success possibilities by connecting the full potential of its technologies and workforce

Turning ideas into reality

“Every once in a while, an old problem, A new technology,  and a big idea turn into an innovation”. And we are here to help you turn that big Innovative idea of yours into reality.

Confidence Is Key

“Technology is nothing What’s important is that you have a faith in yourself”. Our self-confidence is what makes us unique and gives us strength to do wonderful things.

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